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Nonconformity is difficult in a society that merits trends, group thinking, and consumerism.

The object is not to invalidate social grouping and collective identity, but to believe in your uniqueness and ability to contribute to the whole group.  This uniqueness can feel like self isolation unless your confidence paves your leadership.

Light Burst


Light Burst-17

In our darkest moments, we usually focus on the light at the end of our pain, sorrow, grief.  We tend to ignore or not recognize the small bursts of light that guides us through.

Gratefulness we may unappreciated for the foresight of light at the end.  Often the there is no recognition of light, just the small guiding moments that provide just enough glimpse to keep going.  In those moments, we develop the most insight, strength, and power to eventually help others.

In these moments, we understand our most intimate relationship with Allah.